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400g Mr. Cleavers Ground Beef or Lean Ground Beef

20g Onion 10g Garlic 5g Mixed Spices 2g Cinnamon Powder 50g Pine Nuts 50g Unsalted Butter 4pcs Filo Pastry 180g Basmati Rice 1g Sumac 2g Parsley 100g Green Peas 360 ml Water To taste Salt To taste Pepper


1. Cook Basmati Rice for 6-8 minutes. Strain and set aside 2. Sauté Onion and Garlic on the large skillet until it caramelized 3. Use Premium Ground Beef or Lean Ground beef. Cook for 7-9 minutes 4. Add Salt and Pepper to taste then, Mix it with spice mix, and Cinnamon Powder for 3 minutes. 5. Sprinkle green peas, and pine seeds until they softened for about 2.3 minutes. 6. Mix together with the cooked basmati rice. STUFFING: 1. Cut the puff pastry into quarter 2. Use a round small mixing bowl for molding the Ouzi. Apply a melted butter in every layer in between. make it at least 3-4 layers. 3. Stuffed the cooked beef Ouzi and close it. 4. Apply a butter on every closing of the puff pastry Baking: 1. Bake it for 10-12 minutes with 180’C (350’F)

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